The circle of life: Paying bills and getting paid


Mailing out the bills

Money comes and money goes. That’s the way the system works. Money was not meant to be buried in the ground like a treasure. It’s the circle of economic life. Money has to flow through the system in order for the system to function. Some people have a difficult time dealing with this concept. They want to get paid without paying. Well, business doesn’t work like that. If you’re in business (or if you’re living life) you will rack up some expenses. The goal is that your income is higher than your expenses. Even if it is just 1 penny more than you are doing well. And if you’re just starting off, it is quite possible that your expenses are more than your income. But don’t get upset when you pay your bills because that money is going to somebody else who possibly needs it. Even if you are paying to a big corporation like Chase or Geico, those companies also have expenses. Some of those expenses include wages to workers who have bills just like you. And they also have expenses. And guess what! The people they pay also have expenses that include wages to workers. And guess what! Eventually that money that you sent to pay your bills comes back to you in the form of income. But if you don’t pay your bills, people have to look elsewhere to get their money and pay their bills. And eventually, if you continually forget to pay your bills, your income will dwindle because you will not be included in the economic cycle anymore. It may be a slow fade, but it can happen.


Stressing about bills is a thing of the past.


So the point is that you should happily pay your bills and be smart about where you invest your money. Start a G.O.O.D. (Get Out of Debt) money plan. Start by paying your bills on time and plan ahead for expenses. Every time you pay your bills, you are one step closer to economic freedom.


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She makes all the bad things go away

Tonight, I looked at my girlfriend and realized that I had forgotten all of my romantic woes of the past because she has treated me so well.

Tonight my thoughts are simple. I found true love in this city. I’m not sure how she found me, but she did. And she is sticking with me for the long haul. And the ride is much better when you have a companion to share time with.

Thank you God for such a beautiful woman.

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Folding clothes and living a good balanced life.


Do you recognize any of these chores?

I like to think that I live an ordinary life. Yes, I do work at one of the world’s greatest vacation destinations, but I am not rich or living the life of a high roller by any means. I bought a house and I have a “new” car (It’s a 2010 Toyota Corolla that I bought from the dealership certified used). Sure, I would consider many of the material things that I have accumulated as “extra stuff.” I don’t need it to survive, but it helps to maintain my lifestyle.

So I just took three extra days off this week to have a 5-day weekend. I did not go anywhere so it is not truly a vacation, but a staycation. What did I do? Well, I lived the ordinary life. I have not been on a real vacation in about eight years because I’m really focused on establishing a stable environment for my family. Normally, I stay home and work on music, play video games, watch television, and go to Disney World…for free! And normally it is just me, myself, and I. This time my girlfriend, Kelsey, was hanging out with me. It was way more difficult to stay entertained with both of us just hanging out for five days straight.

Today was day four and I could tell that Kelsey was really looking forward to doing something different, but we decided to stay home. The selfish man in me really wanted to throw on some new clothes, grab the keys and head out for a new adventure with Kelsey. However, the humble man in me sat down on the chair and meditated on the importance of just living the ordinary life. I swallowed my pride and told Kelsey that sometimes we have to make grown up decisions that will affect our future family. The truth about life is that it’s exactly what you make of it. So instead of looking forward to the random adventures that we sometimes allow ourselves to take , we should focus on the everyday routine activities that keep our lives moving forward…like laundry.

I imagine that my kids will want to hear stories about how mom and dad experienced some of the most interesting adventures known to all mankind. Yeah, I have a few of those stories, but for the most part, my stories are all about folding mountains of clothes until I fall asleep. That’s life! And I think that after 27 years of it I am finally starting to enjoy doing my chores because it is one of the few consistent things that I have to look forward to.

My advice to my readers (myself included) is to stick with those things that keep your life moving forward. Folding clothes, doing dishes, maintaining the yard, etc are not glory filled activities, but they will help you live a good balanced life. And with the vast amount of inconsistencies that this world is experiencing, you need something steady to help you keep your balance.

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An insult to my intelligence: peg game

ImageCan you imagine that a simple game with pegs and holes on a triangular shaped block of wood could be such a time-consuming activity. We live in a time of enhanced technology with very advanced and interactive gaming consoles. Skill and patience are put to the test on a daily basis as people across the globe play games to improve their self-esteem and entertain their inner child. Well, this game did more than entertain me; it insulted my intelligence. I am now determined to use this game as a catalyst for creativity and ingenious ideas. It’s a quick and simple play. And whether you win or lose it takes your mind of whatever your current issues or troubles are.

Have you ever seen or played this game?

Peg Game at Kracker Barrel


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Life is so much easier when you’re happy

ImageLife is so much easier when you’re happy.


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No comments, please


This is simple. A Haines City Police Department officer follows my car down 10th street. I am about five minutes from home when the blue and red lights flash and I am escorted off to a side road. The stocky cop walks up to my window and says, “What are you doing out so late?”

How am I supposed to respond to that question? I could have said, “driving,” but I knew at this point it really did not matter what I said. Yes, I did speak, but nothing intelligent came out of my mouth; it was just a bunch of words strung together to make noise. Turns out that he was only doing a “community service” of letting me know that my brake light was malfunctioning.

I do my best to pretend that society is not saturated with prejudice or discriminatory thoughts. That would be an ideal community. Not everyone who fits the description is the description. I am glad that the police officer’s words were not a reflection of me as a person. In the end, my lack of words was the best choice. No ticket. No harm done. Just a minor delay.

By the way…the title, “No comments, please,” is really just a title. You can comment if you would like.

Daily Prompt

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Clouds: Who is the artist?


Do you see what I see?

Some lessons of life are ambiguous. There is no guarantee that you will see what I see or that I will see what you see. The lessons are a mixture of imagination, knowledge, and creativity. I’d like to imagine that every cloud in the sky is like a smaller piece of a larger picture. Perhaps a collection of clouds form a collage of ideas and images. These different collections are connected in a global system of worldly views that travel the earth in an uncontrollable fashion. No man on earth can fathom the depths of this intricate skyline of artistic expression.

But who is the artist behind all of this beauty, and why does he hide his name behind the clouds?

Or maybe we are the clouds. Do our imperfect souls leave this earth and travel up to the heavens. The moisture of life rising above the heat of this soil until it gathers above the ground.

Or maybe that cloud is just a cloud.

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Homemade: Tipping back a glass of ice cold water

ImageI enjoy being home. I tell my girlfriend this all the time. I don’t have much to do in my house yet, but I just enjoy the atmosphere. I feel relaxed and comfortable, especially when the house is clean and the yard looks…pretty. I feel a sense of accomplishment.

So what do I miss the most when I am away from home? That is a simple answer. I mean simple as in the thing that I miss is simple; not that it was simple for me to figure it out because I sat here for a bit considering all of my gadgets. The answer is water!

When I am away from home I miss drinking a cold glass of water. I dislike being thirsty and I dislike paying for water. I also dislike drinking water that tastes nasty or has an odor. Just to fill you in, I have a water softener and home filter system connected to my water line. This system softens the water by removing everything from the water (including the chlorine that the State of Florida decided was necessary to add). The water in my house doesn’t have a taste or smell and that is the way it is supposed to be. I enjoy tipping back a couple of glasses of water while just hanging out around the house. When I am away from home I have to settle for bottled water or nasty water which usually pushes me to just drink more soda.

I am very glad that I invested the extra money in my water softener system. It is definitely something that I miss when I leave home.

Clean Water

Daily Prompt

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Community Awareness: Share the road and enjoy the ride


Share the road. Protect your fellow drivers

When was the  last time that  you had to drive on a busy road? I commute 250 miles a week to and from work on US HWY 27 and surrounding local roads. I am always amazed at how fast everyone wants to drive. It doesn’t seem to matter how fast I drive, there is always a faster driver trying to take over the road. I think it is silly that we have all of these speed limit signs posted up and down the road that are supposed to help us stay safe, but not many drivers do not obey the law.

ImageI think it goes a little deeper than just driving too fast; it’s reckless driving. Many drivers simply do not pay attention to the other cars on the road. This boggles my mind because the people that we share the road with are the people that live in our communities. These are our church families, neighbors, families, and friends. According to the six degrees of separation, there is good chance that you or someone you know is an acquaintance of someone in nearby car. So why not take it just a little slower and practice proper driving skills? I think this is the kind of community service that everyone should be required to commit to.

Daily Prompt: Community Service

Top 10 Safe Driving Tips from How Stuff Works

Do you have any other safe driving tips?


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Was on. Wax Off.

ImageToday, I had the opportunity to sit down with an employee and discuss his frustrations. It was the typical workplace drama that goes on: this person thinks that person has a bad attitude so this person doesn’t like that person.

Wait! So you’re saying this doesn’t happen at your job?

Anyways, I talked to him for about 30 minutes about organization communication, interpersonal perception, personalities, diversity, and handling stress. Basically, I told him, in a professional way, that he needs to stop instigating arguments and learn to just let the small stuff go. 

Well, I thought that was the end of it all, but I realized that I see a little bit of myself in him. I had to take the time to explain the situation from a leadership perspective and hope that he understands and applies what I am telling him. The bottom line is that  he only knows what he knows and he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. As I left for home tonight I asked myself, “What do I know?”

I think it is wise to avoid assumptions and always go the extra mile to verify understanding. Sometimes it just takes repetition to advance one’s thought process to the next level. After the brain makes a habit of a seemingly simple task, it can more easily comprehend complicated ideas.


Anyone can recite data. It takes wisdom to understand and use it.

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