Aaron Emmanuel Harris

Aaron is of Hebrew origin and it means enlightened. Emmanuel is also a Hebrew name and it means “God with us.” The name Harris is English and Welsh. This is me. A name does not give much information about the person, but it’s always fun to learn a little bit about the meanings.

My name is Aaron and I write to express my passion for life. My goal is to write one blog per day and stick to the four things that I enjoy most: wisdom, positive thought and knowledge, joy, and laughter. Blogging is a hobby that I enjoy. I like to keep it short and simple with a picture or two for added eye candy. My goal is to share and share unconditionally. I tend to write from a spiritual or religious mindset using proverbs and other wise sayings as a foundation for my beliefs. It would be nice to know that my words encouraged a fellow reader or possibly led him or her to Jesus Christ, but it is not my intention to play pastor. I believe that the messages I share are good enough for all eyes and ears no matter background or faith.

Thank you for visiting. Many blessings to you and yours!



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