Most genuine love song of the year

Valentines day has come and gone already, but there is no reason why love has to end there. In October of 2011, Hands On released an album titled Love Letters to my Wife. The first single from that album was called, “Loving You.” The theme of the song was simple: love. The hook is catchy and the lyrics are poetic. You do not have to be in love to fall in love with this song because it is genuine. Actually, “Loving You” by Hands On may be one of the most genuine love songs of the year because it takes a non-capitalistic apporach to explaining what love is. Sometimes love just needs a little break from all of the material hype and commercialism that comes along with territory. And why does love always have to be pink and red with artistic hearts and flashy jewelry. What color is love to you? Is it blue from the computer screen haze because skype is the only physical connection you have? Is love the empty gas tank that you must fill up multiple times per week because you travel daily to see someone you miss? Is love a waiting game that you must sit through in the lobby as your best friend fights against cancer with chemotherapy treatments? Let’s be honest. A song cannot explicitly define love and what it feels like, but it can help people become inspired to feel love. Check out, “Loving You” by Hands On and share what love is to you.

If you must quote me on anything about this song, please, quote me on this: My hope is that my song will be so genuine that it inspires many more genuine love songs.

By the way, “Loving You” does not have to be your most genuine love song of the year. There are probably thousands of other genuine love songs on the market, but take a moment to play this song and add it to your collection of hopeful love songs.

Please, feel free to share some of your favorite love songs in the comments section.

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One Response to Most genuine love song of the year

  1. aaroneharris says:

    The Titanic Theme Song. I’d say that this is a genuine love song that I enjoy.

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