Speak no evil against anyone: Look for the good in everyone

I used to think I would make a pretty nice white guy until I realized that I am a decent black guy. Now I believe that I am truly an awesome guy. It took me over 20 years to realize that my identity is not determined by the color of my skin. However, I cannot deny the fact that the color of a person’s skin can have a major influence on his or her life experiences. A part of me wonders if maybe God gave me dark-colored skin because he knew that my heart was big enough to make a difference in the world. And maybe he gave another person light-colored skin because he or she has the guts to stand up for other’s.

Yes, we are all different. Some of those differences are skin deep, but we have to do our best to look deeper than the skin into the inner workings of a man (or woman). My point is that the world has much to learn, and few people to teach. We should not become distracted by what our eyes see, and many times we have to pay close attention to what our ears hear. Rumors, lies, and gossip. Evil people talk even though they have nothing valuable to say. The words are only as valuable as the soul they came from. How tainted is your soul that it speaks such filthy things?

Learn to speak good and only good. Remove all wrongdoing and evil from your heart. Find a reason to speak well unto others. And only speak evil of evil when necessary, but followed by a prayer for forgiveness. Stay humble and generous.

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