Is it worth it?

Have you ever become so excited about a hobby that you spent hours upon hours working on it without any regard for time? And then eventually you stopped to wonder if any of your toil was really worth it?

This is my issue right now. I am more than a hobbyist though. I have been planning my next album release for 2015 and recently I have been able to invest large amounts of money into my project studio. As I sit back and consider my next steps, I am now wondering if it is truly worth it. I mean, I am sure that I am enjoying myself, but I wonder if my choices are adversely going to affect any of my friends or family members. Like, do I spend too much time doing this or should I spend less money on it?

My final conclusion lies on this statement, “If I had bought a new HD flat screen LED TV, people would not second guess my purchase. But because my purchases are intended for activities that require skill, patience, talent, and motivation my integrity is questioned.” Perhaps it is not me who needs to reconsider whether my purchases are worth it. I would rather spend my money on a hobby that results in no profit than spend my money on an oversized electronic device that contributes to mindless activities and also produces no profit.

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