Organizing and Cleaning Up

I have been blessed with a creativity, which means that I am usually not very good at organizing my working space. The fun thing about creativity is that I can turn ideas into creatiions using abstract, or even chaotic, elements. My lack of organization lends itself to the process of creating new things and coming up with alternative solutions. Unfortunately, sometimes my papers, projects, etc. become so unorganized that not even I can interpret the meaning of it. Ironically, working in a clean and well-organized environment also contributes to my efficiency and abilities. So over the years, I have been teaching myself to find a balance between the two extremes that fits the situation.

The difficult part for me is that I wear multiple different hats for all of the responsibilities that I have. For example, I have my occupation, home and personal stuff, and music business. That’s 3 totally different areas of my life that I have to control, organize, and keep clean. As much as I don’t want to limit myself to a box, I have finally decided to purchase a filing cabinet to store my life in. Like I said, it’s all about striking a balance between the different extremes. Additionally, it’s about keeping loved ones happy with all of my extra baggage.

I guess the phrase that I am looking for is, “Out of sight. Out of mind,” at least for my fellow home dwellers.

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