The circle of life: Paying bills and getting paid


Mailing out the bills

Money comes and money goes. That’s the way the system works. Money was not meant to be buried in the ground like a treasure. It’s the circle of economic life. Money has to flow through the system in order for the system to function. Some people have a difficult time dealing with this concept. They want to get paid without paying. Well, business doesn’t work like that. If you’re in business (or if you’re living life) you will rack up some expenses. The goal is that your income is higher than your expenses. Even if it is just 1 penny more than you are doing well. And if you’re just starting off, it is quite possible that your expenses are more than your income. But don’t get upset when you pay your bills because that money is going to somebody else who possibly needs it. Even if you are paying to a big corporation like Chase or Geico, those companies also have expenses. Some of those expenses include wages to workers who have bills just like you. And they also have expenses. And guess what! The people they pay also have expenses that include wages to workers. And guess what! Eventually that money that you sent to pay your bills comes back to you in the form of income. But if you don’t pay your bills, people have to look elsewhere to get their money and pay their bills. And eventually, if you continually forget to pay your bills, your income will dwindle because you will not be included in the economic cycle anymore. It may be a slow fade, but it can happen.


Stressing about bills is a thing of the past.


So the point is that you should happily pay your bills and be smart about where you invest your money. Start a G.O.O.D. (Get Out of Debt) money plan. Start by paying your bills on time and plan ahead for expenses. Every time you pay your bills, you are one step closer to economic freedom.


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