Folding clothes and living a good balanced life.


Do you recognize any of these chores?

I like to think that I live an ordinary life. Yes, I do work at one of the world’s greatest vacation destinations, but I am not rich or living the life of a high roller by any means. I bought a house and I have a “new” car (It’s a 2010 Toyota Corolla that I bought from the dealership certified used). Sure, I would consider many of the material things that I have accumulated as “extra stuff.” I don’t need it to survive, but it helps to maintain my lifestyle.

So I just took three extra days off this week to have a 5-day weekend. I did not go anywhere so it is not truly a vacation, but a staycation. What did I do? Well, I lived the ordinary life. I have not been on a real vacation in about eight years because I’m really focused on establishing a stable environment for my family. Normally, I stay home and work on music, play video games, watch television, and go to Disney World…for free! And normally it is just me, myself, and I. This time my girlfriend, Kelsey, was hanging out with me. It was way more difficult to stay entertained with both of us just hanging out for five days straight.

Today was day four and I could tell that Kelsey was really looking forward to doing something different, but we decided to stay home. The selfish man in me really wanted to throw on some new clothes, grab the keys and head out for a new adventure with Kelsey. However, the humble man in me sat down on the chair and meditated on the importance of just living the ordinary life. I swallowed my pride and told Kelsey that sometimes we have to make grown up decisions that will affect our future family. The truth about life is that it’s exactly what you make of it. So instead of looking forward to the random adventures that we sometimes allow ourselves to take , we should focus on the everyday routine activities that keep our lives moving forward…like laundry.

I imagine that my kids will want to hear stories about how mom and dad experienced some of the most interesting adventures known to all mankind. Yeah, I have a few of those stories, but for the most part, my stories are all about folding mountains of clothes until I fall asleep. That’s life! And I think that after 27 years of it I am finally starting to enjoy doing my chores because it is one of the few consistent things that I have to look forward to.

My advice to my readers (myself included) is to stick with those things that keep your life moving forward. Folding clothes, doing dishes, maintaining the yard, etc are not glory filled activities, but they will help you live a good balanced life. And with the vast amount of inconsistencies that this world is experiencing, you need something steady to help you keep your balance.

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