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This is simple. A Haines City Police Department officer follows my car down 10th street. I am about five minutes from home when the blue and red lights flash and I am escorted off to a side road. The stocky cop walks up to my window and says, “What are you doing out so late?”

How am I supposed to respond to that question? I could have said, “driving,” but I knew at this point it really did not matter what I said. Yes, I did speak, but nothing intelligent came out of my mouth; it was just a bunch of words strung together to make noise. Turns out that he was only doing a “community service” of letting me know that my brake light was malfunctioning.

I do my best to pretend that society is not saturated with prejudice or discriminatory thoughts. That would be an ideal community. Not everyone who fits the description is the description. I am glad that the police officer’s words were not a reflection of me as a person. In the end, my lack of words was the best choice. No ticket. No harm done. Just a minor delay.

By the way…the title, “No comments, please,” is really just a title. You can comment if you would like.

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