Clouds: Who is the artist?


Do you see what I see?

Some lessons of life are ambiguous. There is no guarantee that you will see what I see or that I will see what you see. The lessons are a mixture of imagination, knowledge, and creativity. I’d like to imagine that every cloud in the sky is like a smaller piece of a larger picture. Perhaps a collection of clouds form a collage of ideas and images. These different collections are connected in a global system of worldly views that travel the earth in an uncontrollable fashion. No man on earth can fathom the depths of this intricate skyline of artistic expression.

But who is the artist behind all of this beauty, and why does he hide his name behind the clouds?

Or maybe we are the clouds. Do our imperfect souls leave this earth and travel up to the heavens. The moisture of life rising above the heat of this soil until it gathers above the ground.

Or maybe that cloud is just a cloud.

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