Community Awareness: Share the road and enjoy the ride


Share the road. Protect your fellow drivers

When was the  last time that  you had to drive on a busy road? I commute 250 miles a week to and from work on US HWY 27 and surrounding local roads. I am always amazed at how fast everyone wants to drive. It doesn’t seem to matter how fast I drive, there is always a faster driver trying to take over the road. I think it is silly that we have all of these speed limit signs posted up and down the road that are supposed to help us stay safe, but not many drivers do not obey the law.

ImageI think it goes a little deeper than just driving too fast; it’s reckless driving. Many drivers simply do not pay attention to the other cars on the road. This boggles my mind because the people that we share the road with are the people that live in our communities. These are our church families, neighbors, families, and friends. According to the six degrees of separation, there is good chance that you or someone you know is an acquaintance of someone in nearby car. So why not take it just a little slower and practice proper driving skills? I think this is the kind of community service that everyone should be required to commit to.

Daily Prompt: Community Service

Top 10 Safe Driving Tips from How Stuff Works

Do you have any other safe driving tips?


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14 Responses to Community Awareness: Share the road and enjoy the ride

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  8. Kelsey Conrad says:

    My safe driving tip is to not take pictures of signs while driving… 😉

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  12. One of the safest things I do while driving…been driving for 24 years…is to be aware of my surroundings. Know what’s around you, and pay attention to those around you!! Great Post!

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