Was on. Wax Off.

ImageToday, I had the opportunity to sit down with an employee and discuss his frustrations. It was the typical workplace drama that goes on: this person thinks that person has a bad attitude so this person doesn’t like that person.

Wait! So you’re saying this doesn’t happen at your job?

Anyways, I talked to him for about 30 minutes about organization communication, interpersonal perception, personalities, diversity, and handling stress. Basically, I told him, in a professional way, that he needs to stop instigating arguments and learn to just let the small stuff go. 

Well, I thought that was the end of it all, but I realized that I see a little bit of myself in him. I had to take the time to explain the situation from a leadership perspective and hope that he understands and applies what I am telling him. The bottom line is that  he only knows what he knows and he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. As I left for home tonight I asked myself, “What do I know?”

I think it is wise to avoid assumptions and always go the extra mile to verify understanding. Sometimes it just takes repetition to advance one’s thought process to the next level. After the brain makes a habit of a seemingly simple task, it can more easily comprehend complicated ideas.


Anyone can recite data. It takes wisdom to understand and use it.

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2 Responses to Was on. Wax Off.

  1. Kelsey Conrad says:

    Love this! Wisdom!!!!

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