Puppies: Young and in love


I never had a serious girlfriend in high school. I was way too nervous to ever ask any girl out. I think I had low self-esteem. Self-esteem is like having enough energy to push yourself on the swing. When we’re young, we need someone else like mommy or daddy to help us. Eventually we grow older and stronger so we are able to push ourselves.

When I was in the 10th grade, there was a girl that I really liked. I liked her pretty long hair and her tan colored skin. We used to spend many afternoons together after school. I also used to look forward to the 30 seconds of interaction as we passed each other in the hallway. I think I liked her more than my favorite video games. I think she liked me too because she always wanted to hang out with me after school.

We both liked music. She enjoyed singing and I enjoyed listening to her sing. I think she liked me because I was such a fun and respectful guy, but she already had a boyfriend. He always made her cry. I never had the courage to tell her that I liked her enough to be her real boyfriend. I was afraid that she might not ever want to hang out with me again, but she ran away anyways because she didn’t know how much I loved her.

Now that I am grown up, I realize that it was silly for me to think like that. As we are growing up, we will find ourselves liking some of our friends and the grown-ups will call it “puppy love.” They say it is puppy love because we are not grown up enough to handle it yet. It’s like being a kid and taking care of a puppy. At first, the puppy is small, but it grows much faster than we do. Before you know it, the puppy needs much more than we can give it as a small child so we need to depend on our parents to help us. Even though we cannot take care of the puppy ourselves, the puppy still loves us for what we can do. 

This girl was not the first girl that I loved. Every new school year introduced me to many new friendships. Despite what adults say, there is a such thing as love at first sight. But just like we get older and smarter, our love also gets older and smarter. My advise to you is that when you fall in love with your first puppy, you should not be afraid to love it as best as you can. I’m sure that puppy will love you as much as it can love anyone else.

When you’re older, I’ll tell you about other types of love.

Daily Prompt: Childlike


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