How do you handle financial surplus after an extensive economic downturn?


I have your money. Now how do I spend it?

The challenge was to find a historical event or local news that was important or relevant to me. Honestly, I do not allocate time to watch the news or read the newspaper so I am very out of touch with what is happening. My Facebook newsfeed is about as close as I get to current happenings. Sometimes my Facebook friends are very good at sharing the news, especially the events that relate to entertainment media,  I used to read the Orlando Sentinel daily, but they messed up my paper delivery so I cancelled the subscription. Anyhow, I really wanted to write about something so I navigated my way to and looked for recent Haines City news. I was surprised to see that the accident on U.S. Hwy 27 that aimlessly detoured all traffic onto I-4 was the result of a woman’s death. This was a sad thing to read about because I was one of the cars that passed by the scene in frustration wondering why I was being forced onto the highway with no chance to turn around. This may not be historical news for anyone except the family of that woman, but I thought it was significant enough to include in my post (My prayers are with the family of that lady).

So…the news that I want to discuss has to do with the Florida budget surplus. Apparently there is talk about tax cuts for the State of Florida. I am going to be straight forward with my thoughts on this topic. We have been living under the current conditions for a long time. We have pretty much learned how to survive with less money in our pockets. I am glad that government officials are considering how they can put money back in the hands of tax payers, but I think that we should use that money for something significant. I think we should put the money back into the school system. Make sure every student has supplies to do school work. Offer more unique programs to get kids involved in the educational process. It is not secret, the Florida public school system is lacking and I think we owe our kids a little something extra to help them solve the challenges that they will face in the future (sustainability, health care, etc.).

I’m all for lower cable bills and sales tax, but I would be much happier knowing that my money is being used to provide for a better tomorrow. Let’s invent something that redefines public education and streamlines the process of transitioning from high school and college to the workforce. If anything, maybe in 50 years when we are all old and in need of assisted living, those kids that we invested in will remember us for our kind deed and invest in our long-term health care.

Florida surplus spurs talk of tax cuts

Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History

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