Tired of school…sleep on it! You’ll wake up smarter.

ImageSchool sucks…time away. No time for music. No time for video games. No time for movies. However, there is plenty of time for research, essays, reading, and team projects. Procrastination is my enemy and my friend. It helps me avoid stress, but it always shows up right when I really want to just power through and finish the work. Sleep…well, I enjoy sleep more than the average person and I look forward to getting my after-work naps back, but sometimes I fall asleep with the textbook glued to my cheek.

When I started writing this blog I really just wanted to write, “I hate this! I HATE THIS! I REALLY HATE THIS!”

I changed my mind. I realized that I don’t hate school. I enjoy school. I just need to be thankful for the opportunity to learn. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I really don’t want to waste mine.


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