Relieve some stress: Laugh your ass off


LMAO…get it!

Laughter relieves the soul. What else is there to say.

Find a funny photo or video to make you feel better. After you finish laughing your ass off, go back to whatever it is that you were doing before and see how easy it is think with a clear mind. It’s a simple method. I use it all the time for school and work. I find myself laughing by myself in the car and it only gets worse when I realize someone is looking at me.

I am sure there is a scientific reason behind the laughter, but I may not be smart enough or dumb enough to research it. What I do know is that sometimes we hold onto stress because we’re being a stubborn ass by not letting the small stuff go.

So go ahead. Laugh your ass off. And then get back to work.

Laugh on my friends!

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