Online School. Is that really possible?


The internet and school. What a unique duo!

I remember when my dad first tried to hook our home computer up to the internet. He was getting frustrated trying to figure out how to connect. He kept saying, “All I see is this thing called Yahoo!” Eventually he figured out how to connect us up to AOL through the dial-up connection. It was exciting to go on-line until my dad received the first phone bill and said that we had to limit the AOL use because the bill was getting too high. I found some cool things online, but I never imagined that I would be attending school online.

I graduated high school in 2004 and began my college career at Lake Sumter Community College and eventually transferred to Valencia Community College. It was a good experience. My main concern with the traditional classroom experience is that I do not have control over my schedule and some days I would be in class for 3 hours learning something that I already learned during my study period. I thought it was ridiculous. I did not want to put my life on hold any longer. The way I saw it was that I would graduate with a piece of paper and an expensive student loan, but I would be lacking the job to pay for it all. In 2006 I quit school and went to work full-time.

I wish that online school were an option for me back then because it would have been the best solution for my problem. I love learning I just don’t like sitting in a classroom all day every day. I decided to return to school in 2012 and the first place I turned my attention to was online school. I was not really sure how it worked or if it was a credible thing. I mean, all through-out high school and community college my teachers were telling me to be careful of what you learn online. Let me tell you, those teachers were right! You can learn a lot of stuff online if you have the right tools. I chose University of Phoenix Online and my experience has been very appreciative. I am a full-time student and a full-time employee. The classes are fast-paced which means that I can get deeply involved in each week’s lessons without getting bored. I take one class every five weeks and I have the choice to delay the start of my next class whenever I feel necessary. Yes, I still have to manage my time wisely to balance all of my responsibilities, but it is much easier when I can control my daily school schedule.

October 1st marked the start of my 8th online class. It has been quite the learning experience. I’ve taken school with me to McDonalds, my parent’s house, my friend’s house, and even work. It’s so much fun! I hope that every graduating student takes some time to consider online school before plunging into another multi-year educational commitment. Because school is supposed to supplement your life, not take it over!


I am in class…on my couch! I even brought my school bag to get the full experience.

Do you have any questions about attending online school? Keep in mind that I attend University of Phoenix which may be different from other online schools. If you’re really interested, I could skype you and show you what the online classroom actually looks like. Best of luck to you!

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