Make up your own dance


Music inspires us to move in ways that cannot be described in words.

Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.

Beauty is in the eyes or ears of the beholder. I am a music fanatic. Since childhood I have always been inspired by sounds, melodies, rhythms, beats, harmonies, and lyrics. When I hear a beautiful piece of music my heart starts to thump differently. It’s almost like I can feel the blood pulsing harder through my body and my chest gets heavy and warm. It is one of the best feelings that I can ever experience. An example of one of those songs that makes my heart beat differently is “Over my head” by The Fray. I really enjoy the lyrics and I love the way the song begins with just the tapping beat. The video just makes it that much better. Great song.

As I listen pulled up that song on youtube I began to wonder, “How would I dance to this song?” So many people equate dancing to a specific style or set of choreographed and rhythmic movements, but I think that dancing can be any kind of movement inspired by music. Dance is the outward expression of emotions. Today, I realized that I have been dancing the dances that popular society wants me to dance at the expense of my own emotional expression. From now on, I will consider dancing my own moves every so often.

Here’s the video for “Over my head” by The Fray.

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