I would have been the coolest kid in class…


There are some things that I just don’t understand and ripped jeans is one of those things. If ripped jeans were a fashionable style when I was growing up, I would have been the coolest kid in class. My family was not poor, but we also were not rich. When my mom took me and my sister to K-Mart for back-to-school shopping it was more like look-for them-now-and-wear-them-after-Columbus-day shopping because we always had to put it on Lay-a-way. By the time I was able to wear the clothes they were already last year’s styles. I had one or two pairs of Payless sneakers and a couple of pairs of jeans. Whenever I put a rip or tear in my jeans it was game over, but my mom would always have a patch to make them “just like new again.” The patch never matched the color of the jeans and I would usually have to retire those jeans for play time use. Now a days I see people buying jeans with rips and tears as part of the design and it just drives me insane. I guess fashion has a system of its own, but it will never make sense to me.

I’ll never be the cool kid in class, but I am thankful that my parents did what they could to give me nice clothes.

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