Every girl likes flowers


I guess it is true. My mom just had open heart surgery and she is in the recovery period. After surgery she had to return to hospital because she had a minor heart attack and she has been very nauseous from the medicine. I went to her house to keep her company and assist with anything she needed. After about three hours of just sitting around while she slept I finally offered to go shopping for groceries. I hate grocery shopping, but I did it for her.

I called my girlfriend to give her an update on how mom was doing and she suggested I buy flowers. My response was, “My mom doesn’t like flowers! I don’t know what kind to buy?” My girlfriend told me that every girl likes flowers even if she says she doesn’t. I was like, “okay.” So I ended up buying the flowers in the picture above. And I was surprised to see that my mom really does like flowers.

So, is this a true statement? Do all girls like flowers? 


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