Enjoying the yard work


I bought a nice little house on a corner lot in a new community. It’s up on a small hill with an expansive area of grassy space. I enjoy the pleasure of hanging out inside my house, but I also enjoy the work required to keep my yard looking fresh. There is something special about seeing those fine trimmed lines along the sidewalk and smelling the fresh cut blades of grass as they lay across the lawn. Like I said, this is not easy work, but it is worth the sweat. St. Augustine grass is thick and requires tedious maintenance. I have a traditional push lawn mower so I have to put my leg muscles to use while mowing through the thickest sections of yard. It is a hard job but someone has to do it. The way I see it is that I am the man of the house and it is my duty to take care of the sweaty outside stuff. I just thank God for the strength and tools to get it done. The yard comes with the house and the work comes with the yard. My girlfriend would rather pay a lawn care service to do all the work. I say no. Maybe in the future I can buy one of those nifty riding lawn mowers. They look like a lot of fun.


These are some tools in my garage. The edger was a hand-me-down from my CA and Roy. My trimmer is in the picture above.

I’ll take a picture of my house for another post. Possibly for Christmas season decorations…

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