What a young adult may want to know…

As a young adult, there are many things happening in my life. Some are good and some are bad. Some are just unnoticeable because time never stops. As a child, I remember looking up at the sky and telling my dad how I could not wait until summer break and vacation time. My dad responded, “When you get older time will move much quicker.” I did not understand how time could move any faster. I continued staring at the clouds hoping that maybe they would move quicker as the night progressed (this was my childish way of understanding how time could move faster). Those clouds stayed right where they were and the sky turned dark just as slow as it always did for an elementary age child.

That memory is from the 90’s. The current year is 2013 and I am 27-years old. Now I understand what my dad was talking about when he said time would move faster. I believe that what he should have said to me was that I will learn the value of patience. Time is a unique concept that holds a different value for each individual. God has given all of us time. Time that we use and time that we abuse. Well, that’s a different topic, but the point is that we each use our gift of time in our own unique way.

As a young adult, I would like to know how I can live my life in a manner that will be consistent with my values as a senior citizen. It’s an odd thought, but we spend more time getting older than we do getting younger. Some people say, “You only live once. YOLO!” I say, “You only die once YODO!” I truly do not want to get older and regret my decisions as a young adult. I want to always live my best life now, and when I am on my death bed I want to look at my loved ones and say it was worth every second.

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